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We offer residential carts, commercial containers, and even roll-off containers of all sizes.

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Now that fall is upon us we reluctantly look to the winter months that will be here soon. There are some things to keep in mind as the weather becomes cold and the roads treacherous.   

*Pumpkins can be very heavy!  I recently remembered that when carrying one from my car to the porch. When discarding pumpkins, please keep that fact in mind and refrain from filling your cart with them.  If you have a fence row or ditch near your home that would be a great place to feed the deer and other wildlife.  It would also save room in our landfills.  

*Drivers may be delayed due to the roads in the winter but don't be fooled and put your trash out late. Our trucks heavier than most vehicles and can navigate icy or snow laden roads much easier than you might think.  Continue to put your trash out at the same time to ensure it is picked up.

*Ice is a big and heavy factor for winter trash haulers.  Consider your cans and open-lidded carts with snow on top of the trash for days at a time then it melts down into the trash in the warm sun and refreezes.  We then have a trash popsickle!  It adds weight to the cans and limits how much we can take as we have a 50 lb limit on the personal cans.  It also damages the structural integrity of our carts and the personal cans causing them to split and break easily.  So keep the snow off the trash whenever possible.

*Our drivers will want to roll your carts to the truck and in the snow that can be tricky.  When road graders create snow ridges or piles around your cart your drivers has to work extra hard at each stop to free them.  If possible, please place your cart away from the road side until the grader has gone by BUT it must be within 5 feet of the road to be picked up!!!  If you are concerned about your drive and a snow drift or grader pile, please contact us prior to your pick up day so we can ensure the trash is picked up.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. 

Please call us if you have any questions. We thank you for your business.

Bruce & Mary Deters

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